“Laura Wade Jaster has been my therapist for the past four years. Through her guidance and support my life continues to unfold in unexpected and healing ways. I have worked with many therapists over the past twenty years and Laura stands among the greatest. She views her clients from a lens of wholeness. She doesn’t see a client as flawed or broken in need of repair, but as someone whole needing only support and conscious guidance in order to express through ever evolving layers of wholeness. Laura is a spiritual midwife, as much as a therapist, coaxing the bright light of conscious experience to the surface, with skill, care, courage and depth awareness. I am blessed by her presence and support in my life and I continue to look forward to my bi-weekly meetings with her, knowing that together we will spiral upward toward deeper clarity and open-hearted living.” – L.A.

“My wife and I began going to see Laura when some issues surfaced for us about 8 years into our marriage. With Laura’s help, my wife and I were able to identify the roots of the problems we were facing, while also giving us the tools to communicate more openly, which enabled us to overcome the issues we were facing and to move forward more confidently in our life together.” – B.R.